India Stationary Energy Storage Market Overview Report - 2020-2027

IESA has estimated the stationary energy storage market potential in India to be around 230 GWh during the period 2020-2027. The share of grid scale applications contribution is expected to be 15%, with behind-the-meter applications making up the rest. In grid application, renewable energy integration takes up majority of this share, split between solar and wind projects. CEA also projects requirement of 136 GWh of storage in the grid at various levels by 2030.


India Electric Vehicle Market Overview Report - 2020-2027

IESA’s Second Edition of India Electric Vehicle Market Overview report covers the present scenario and forecast of EVs and the public charging infrastructure market in the country. The report covers updated revenue and unit sale details by various EV segments and Charging Infrastructure types. There is an in-depth analysis of EV battery value chain by EV segment, detailed state EV policy analysis, and competitive analysis of EVs and EV battery suppliers.

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Storage IQ

Monthly Storage IQ covers the Indian Power Sector with a focus on the latest updates of Storage and EV Markets in that particular month. Latest developments on Policy & Regulatory announcements by GoI, ongoing tender details, upcoming meeting dates, prevailing news updates, IEX prices are covered in this report. A separate section on Manufacturing covers the GOI announcements, Battery raw material price trends, etc are monitored and presented in this monthly IQ. In short, all in one place for all Storage & EV Sector developments. Our Expert analysis is the added advantage for subscribing to this monthly report. 

Emerging Technology Reviews (Technology Report)

This is a series of four reports covering the relevant existing and next-generation technologies for e-mobility and stationary storage. The first two reports are available and cover Li-ion batteries, Lithium-sulphur, Solid-state batteries, PEM fuel cells, Solid oxide fuel cells, and Zinc-air High-temperature batteries and Flow batteries. These are technology-focused reports intended to deliver key and to-the-point information about these advanced technologies. 

Knowledge Papers

IESA released various knowledge papers over course of time namely:

  • Battery Recycling whitepaper

  • Li-ion Battery Assembling in India

  • Energy Storage Applications - The Utility and Discom Perspective

  • The need of Hybrids in Renewable sector

  • A detailed manual on Lead Acid Battery in Solar PV Plants By Clean and IESA

  • Energy Storage System (ESS) Roadmap for India: 2019 - 2032 by ISGF, MacArthur Foundation and IESA

IESA Industry Ranking:

IESA initiated a new research program to benchmark energy storage companies in various application segments in the Indian market, and proudly presented the first edition of the Energy Storage Companies Ranking List.

The research conducted by IESA aims to identify the top players in the market based on various criteria namely revenue and revenue growth rate, technological advancements, notable partnerships and export revenue. This ranking practice is expected to bring in more transparency in the energy storage industry which is fragmented across various segments. It is envisaged as a channel for the industry players to showcase their exemplary performances and best practices. Also, it helps the top players to benchmark their business performance with respect to the market.

Major market segments covered in this first edition include majorly energy storage for behind-the-meter applications namely solar rooftop, inverter back-up, UPS back-up and telecom.