Pumped Storage Projects (PSP) are becoming more crucial in providing peak power and preserving system stability in the power systems of many countries, even though numerous types of energy storage systems have been constructed globally. Pumped storage technique is the time-tested, financially viable, highly effective. Along with this, it is important to consider the timely completion of PSPs for making the project financially viable.This paper covers various technological advancements and innovative concepts of PSP around the globe. Paper covers the global scenario of PSP to understand the status of capacity addition and various measures undertaken by the countries for development of PSP. The knowledge gained from this paper will guide the reader in evaluating and understanding key issues and challenges for development of PSP.
IESA, through this white paper ‘Recommendations to Devise Special Incentives to Support the Li-ion Battery Supply Chain Industry in India’ has highlighted the pertinent problems of the battery material industry from India Battery Supply Chain Council (IBSCC) survey findings. The paper provides critical insights on potential policy support required to create a sustainable indigenous supply chain to address these problems. This also covers various global policies and regulatory initiatives, a roadmap to strategize the raw material supply chain, technology transfer concerns, policy framework, and skill development requirements to resolve these issues.
Batteries make up a significant portion of the battery system cost, and therefore, need to be carefully
Renewable Hybrids is being seen as the much needed enabler for renewables to continue its growth phase.
"Energy Storage Applications - The Utility and Discom Perspective", was released at WUS 2020.
IESA released a Knowledge Paper on "Li-ion Battery Assembling in India" at eTechNxt in Elecrama. 
Initiative to create awareness about Battery Recycling and Reuse.
The paper deals with the importance of proper manual for handling of lead acid batteries
The paper focusses on the need of proper selection of batteries for EV and the options available in market
IESA estimates the overall market size for lead-acid battery in India at around INR 27,000 Crore (USD 4.2 billion) in 2015-16.
ESS Roadmap included modeling studies of the electric grid with different levels of penetration of RE.
India’s national grid is currently 5th largest in the world and to maintain grid stability and power quality
On the basis of growth potential for the various sectors, IESA estimates total market for lead-acid

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