Emerging Tech Radio is a podcast that explores everything about renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and other emerging technologies in the cleantech space. It brings together industry experts, entrepreneurs and policy makers from India and around the world together for conversations that are aimed to transform the future of global energy. Hosted by Netra | Produced by Customized Energy Solutions | Music credits: Vexento

EVangelise Innovation Challenge by iCreate

22 August 2021

Mr Anupam Jalote, CEO of iCreate (International Centre fo...

NavAlt- Transforming marine transport for greener tomorrow

28 June 2021

ADITYA, India’s first solar electric passenger ferry bo...

Setting up Giga Factories in India: Vision! Strategy! Execution!

17 June 2021

With ACC PLI scheme, the Government of India intends to o...

A healthy planet is not an option — it is a necessity

21 April 2021

Ms. Karuna Singh, regional director for South Asia and co...

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