Customized Energy Solutions (CES) has been conducting extensive research in the Emerging Technologies for the past two decades and this knowledge is packed into Monthly and Annual reports on e-Mobility, Stationary energy storage and Hydrogen.

The packs include Market Intelligence Reports, Technology Review Reports, Monthly reports on Policy & Project updates. The service is engineered to offer distilled, accurate, and timely information for the key decision makers in the industry.

Who should buy the subscription package ?

Key decision makers in

  • Financial Investment companies
  • Battery and component suppliers
  • EV OEMs and EV component suppliers
  • Renewable Energy developers
  • Transmission companies
  • Distribution companies & utilities
  • Battery raw material suppliers

What makes CES’ reports better and insightful?


CES Reports

Other Market Research Reports

Technical reports on Emerging Technologies

Yes (Backed by CES R&D Lab)


Detailed analysis of Central & State wise policies & regulations



Extensive research on focus Sectors

Detailed Reports

Overview Reports

Free Analyst Hours on report purchase


Not all

In-house team consists of Technical, Raw material, Manufacturing & Market subject matter experts



Extensive inputs collected from the industry through Primary Interviews


Not all

Actively collaborates with Ministry of Power, NITI Aayog & State Authorities. Report insights are used by the authorities in decision making.



Report Name

E-Mobility Intelligence Pack

Stationary Storage Intelligence Pack

Hydrogen Intelligence Pack

Emerging Tech Super Pack

Emerging Technology Review- Stationary Storage Part 1 (Flow batteries, Zn Air, High Temp Batteries)        
Emerging Technology Review- Stationary Storage Part 2 (Lithium ion, Advanced Lead acid, Super capacitors)        
Emerging Technology Review- Stationary Storage Part 3 (Pumped Storage, Mechanical storage, Thermal storage)        
Emerging Technology Review- E-mobility        
Emerging Technology Review- Hydrogen (coming soon)        
Storage IQ (ESS IQ)        
Electric Vehicle IQ (EV IQ)        
India EV, Market Overview -Part I: EV, Battery and Components        
India EV, Market Overview -Part II: EV Charging Infrastructure        
India Stationary Energy Storage Market Overview- Part I: Front of the meter storage        
India Stationary Energy Storage Market Overview- Part II: Behind of the meter storage        
India Hydrogen Market Report (coming soon)        
Analyst Hours (coming soon)        






Final Price (excl. GST)





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The packages can be customized as per customer requirement.

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