India Stationary BTM ES & Railway Battery Market 2021-2030

The Stationary storage market in India is presently driven by behind-the-meter (BTM) installations. The annual installation of BTM batteries crossed over 33GWh in 2021.

Key Trends in the market:
  • BTM Storage market is driven by the power reliability issues faced by the electricity consumers in the country. The majority of the battery applications here are for power backup eg: inverters, UPS, Telecom towers, Diesel optimization, etc
  • The impact of central or state policies has a low to moderate impact in this market. Present policies on rooftop solar, net metering, Electricity rule amendment of 24x7 provision of power to the customer is expected to have a positive impact on the battery market growth from the BTM segment.
  • Lithium-ion battery penetration is highest in Telecom sector (up to 20%) and UPS (~5% ) segments.  With the dropping LiB prices in the forecast period, more segments such as rooftop solar, railways, inverters are also expected to become key applications by 2030.
  • Local Lithium battery assemblers capacity in India is around 5+GWh. This contains both EV and stationary pack suppliers. There are over 30+ notable pack assemblers across Gurgaon, Noida, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.
What is covered in the report?
  • Annual energy storage market demand (GWh) in BTM and railway segment and how it has changed from 2019 to 2021.
  • Market forecast (GWh) by applications till 2030- rooftop solar+storage, hybrid-DG set (DG set with energy storage), telecom tower back up, inverter battery backup, UPS battery backup, energy storage for rural electrification, railway application.
  • Techno-commercial viability analysis of using lithium batteries in this application.
  • Key players and their market shares in lead-acid battery market for BTM application
  • Key players in the lithium-ion and other advanced chemistry battery market for BTM applications.
  • Price -trend of Lithium-ion battery packs till 2030.
Published: 4th Mar 2022

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