IESA Roundtable on Green Hydrogen and Hydrogen Mission for India

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5th May 2021

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India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), India’s leading alliance on energy storage & e-mobility and Greenstat Hydrogen India, a Norwegian energy organization, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a period of two years to accelerate the hydrogen technology development in India. Last year IESA also signed an MoU with MENA Hydrogen Alliance for bilateral partnership and to facilitate technology transfer between the countries.
The government of India announced in the Union Budget 2021, its plan to launch a National Hydrogen Mission and may come out with a draft mission in the next two months. For the current financial year, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been allotted Rs 25 crore for research and development (R&D) in hydrogen. Once the draft of the mission is in place, it will be floated for public consultation. There will be five key areas the government will focus on which includes R&D, demand creation, how it can be used in industry, how to create an eco-system including policies for this and how-to bring industry on board along with international partnerships. In these five areas, demand creation will focus on what kind of niche products can be taken up and how effectively the fuel can be used in trucks and buses. In the industrial sector, the government is looking at hydrogen as a replacement for coke in the steel industry and making use of the fuel in the fertilizer sector. MNRE has indicated that by 2025-26, the industrial sector will be one of the major recipients of hydrogen.
IESA’s MIGHT Initiative will accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technologies in India. For India, Hydrogen presents a potential opportunity to decrease reliance on oil imports and focus on alternate energy sources. In line with the industry needs, IESA launched the MIGHT- (Mobility and Infrastructure with Green Hydrogen Technology) initiative in 2020 for supporting policies to enable use of green hydrogen in both stationery and mobility sector. IESA anticipate that advanced chemistry cell battery manufacturing mission and hydrogen mission together can enable India to fast-track decarbonization of grid, industrial sector, and transportation sector in coming decade.

Since 2012, IESA has been working to help address enabling policy framework for all forms of energy storage technologies for both stationary and emobility applications. IESA organized a workshop on Hydrogen Economy and India – Nordic Collaboration during India Energy Storage Week (IESW 2020) and also organized a roundtable in Hydrogen and Fuel cell Opportunities in 2020. It worked to include hydrogen as part of the National Energy Storage Mission developed for MNRE in 2018.  IESA is organizing its 3rd annual event on hydrogen and fuel cell, “India Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conclave – #IHFC2021” on 25th May 2021 focused on both mobility and stationary applications. In this 3 series roundtable, IESA is trying to bring all Indian and global stakeholders including technology providers, policymakers and industry players to brainstorm and discuss appropriate Hydrogen road-map for India.

Roundtable 01:             25 March (Completed) – Policy landscape for Hydrogen in India

Roundtable 02:             21 April (Completed) – Technology landscape & Applications

Roundtable 03:             05 May  (Only for Members & Invitees)– International Collaborations

Time:                             16: 00 – 18: 30 IST

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Sessions 1: Global market and Roadmap 2030

Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM IST

Discussion Points:

  • Key growth driver and challenges
  • Policy roadmap and vision 2030
  • Cost trend & New innovation

Moderator : Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)

  • Thierry Lepercq, Founder & President – DH2 Energy, Author, “Hydrogen is the New Oil”
  • Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, FUEL CELLS AND HYDROGEN JOINT UNDERTAKING, Europe
  • James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas
  • Matt Fairlie, Vice-Chair, Next Hydrogen Corp.
  • Ohira Eiji, Director – Hydrogen & Fuel Cell, NEDO
  • Massimiliano Cervo, Lecturer, National University of Technology, Argentina, Experts Panel Member, World Energy Council (WEC)


Sessions 2: International Collaboration

Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM IST

Discussion Points:

  • Technology transfer and bilateral partnership
  • Business exchange and value chain capture
  • India, the market for the next decade

Moderator: Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, MD & President, Customized Energy Solutions (India), President, IESA

  • Jean-Louis Kindler, Chief Executive Officer, Ways2H Inc.
  • Craig Ehrke, Chief Executive Officer, Skai Energies
  • Frank Wouters, Global Lead – Green Hydrogen, Worley, Director, EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network
  • Sturle Harald Pedersen, Chairman, Greenstat Hydrogen India
  • Kowtham V S, Lead Specialist, Clean Technologies, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

Participation: IESA Member & Invitation only

Event Timings

May 5, 2021, 4:00 pm - May 5, 2021, 6:30 pm
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