The MICRO initiative by CES is aimed at creating an ecosystem to make micro-grids sustainable and economical. This initiative involves real-time monitoring system installed at micro-grids and analytics of the archived data. This information can be used for optimizing the life of an asset (especially batteries), predicting failures in advance and deriving the right cost to make such micro grids sustainable

Customized Energy Solutions (CES) has been closely watching developments in rural microgrids in India since 2014. After interacting with many stake-holders across the industry over last couple of years, it was realized that we would need to touch upon a lot of gaps in the industry. The problem areas are not only technical but also social and business related like bill collection, linking of electrification to economic development, aggregation of demand from small micro-grids developers for better product options and negotiations. Hence, we decided to come up with a holistic service platform called MICRO

In 2016, we set a goal of reducing the cost of electricity from microgrids in India by 30%-50% by 2020 and have been working on bringing together various stakeholders to achieve this dream. Phase 1 of the initiative focuses on energy access for remote communities and Phase 2 will focus on the campus microgrids.


  • Launched Micro portal to addresses the fundamental challenges faced by the developers and funding agencies. Visit-
  • Partnered with European Space Agency to help improve microgrids in India through role of space based tools and satellite data.
  • Published a detailed manual on Lead Acid Battery in Solar PV Plants with Clean Energy Network.
  • Recipient of ISGF Innovation Awards 2019 in the category of Best Project for Household Electrification.
  • Husk Power, an IESA member won 'Microgrid Company of the Year award' at India Energy Storage Week 2020.
  • Working on Livelihood mission in the state of Jharkhand 2020