Image Credit: Leclanche

Swiss battery maker Leclanche SA and Dutch storage solutions specialist S4 Energy has announced that they have finalized a battery-flywheel hybrid energy storage project in Almelo, the Netherlands.

The system has been handed over to S4 Ancillary Service, a subsidiary of S4 Energy, which delivers frequency containment reserve services for Dutch grid operator TenneT.

The project involved the turn-key delivery of lithium-ion battery technology, battery inverters, and the energy management system (EMS) on the part of Leclanche. The 8.8-MW/7.12-MWh battery was hybridized with six of S4 Energy’s patented KINEXT flywheel storage systems, which provide 3 MW of power.

The combination will decrease the energy output and amount of cycles of the lithium-ion batteries, guaranteeing improved usage profile and at least 15 years of battery lifetime, Leclanche believed.

The Almelo project is an extension of a former system created and steered by Leclanche and S4 Energy. The new system is now online and delivers 9 MW of pre-qualified capacity to upkeep frequency stabilization for TenneT.

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