Enertrag, Enel and Leclanche Installs 22 MW Storage Facility in Germany

Enertrag, Enel and Leclanche Installs 22 MW Storage Facility in Germany

Enertrag, Enel Green Power and Leclanché have announced that it has inducted a 22 MW storage facility in Cremzow, in Brandenburg, northeastern Germany. The consortium has capitalized about €17 million into the construction of the large scale energy storage system, which will provide primary control power and help stabilize the grid.

“The Cremzow project shows how storage is increasingly becoming an integral part of renewable energy systems because they make the energy system safer, more flexible and more stable overall,” said Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power. In addition to the daily contribution to network stabilization, the storage system was also conceived to ensure the security of supply. In case of failure of supply, Enertrag CEO Jörg Müller said, the system can be easily resumed.

Müller added, storage can now be developed without public support and can turn a profit. “Renewable energy systems are ready for the market,” he said.

According to the consortium, the large scale system in Cremzow will provide primary control power in real time to support the frequency stability of the power network. If grid frequency drops due to high demand for electricity, the battery storage supplies power from the stored energy within 30 seconds. If, in turn, frequency increases due to low demand, the storage system stabilizes the level.

The storage project will also be assimilated as a primary control unit for the electricity generated by Enertrag wind farms. The company intends to analyze how excess wind power can be stored in the battery to avoid shutting down turbines.

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