FIAMM offers a range of solutions that are specifically designed to allow households to significantly optimize the efficiency and performance of their PV/wind renewable energy management. By storing their own energy independently, households can not only reduce their electric bill, but also avoid having to feed any excess electricity back into the grid.

In addition, the FIAMM solutions also function as reliable emergency UPS systems, by ensuring backup power supply in the event of grid disturbances or failure.

Made to measure

FIAMM offers residential renewable energy storage solutions in various capacities and technologies, suitable for different consumption requirements, different cycle life expectations and different budgets.

* The FIAMM RES 7.2 kWh storage system is available in 24-48V configurations and uses proven VRLA Gel technology that is maintenance free and ideal for reliable and deep discharge cycling performance. It is a compact battery cabinet, equipped with front terminal gel batteries, safety elements and cabling that is optimized for smooth installation at the customer?s premises. Parallel connection of up to 3 additional RES cabinets is possible (up to 14.4, 21.6 or 28.8 kWh), so that the storage system can be scaled to increased autonomy requirements in the future.

* The FIAMM ESS "ALL-in-ONE? RESS solution is available with 8 and 16 kWh capacity. It is equipped with a FIAMM SoNick (sodium nickel chloride) battery, an integrated inverter and a smart energy management system, to maximize the sodium technology benefits, the grid interface and the home energy optimization.

FIAMM in Germany

The sales of FIAMM and FIAMM SoNick solutions in Germany is managed by the sales, application engineering and customer service team of FIAMM GmbH in Köln, with the support of the FIAMM headquarters in Italy. FIAMM's storage solutions are distributed throughout Germany by a network of partners, specialized in the integration and turnkey sales and installation of complete residential energy storage systems to the end users.

FIAMM Industrial Batteries is a division of the FIAMM Group and a global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. FIAMM produces quality batteries including traditional flooded and valve regulated lead acid products, along with sodium nickel chloride technology. Telecom providers, IT networks and data centers, railway companies, power plants and industrial facilities, oil and gas producers, emergency and security systems, renewable energy sites and many other users rely on FIAMM batteries to store energy and provide power whenever required to continue critical operations.

The headquarters of FIAMM Industrial Batteries are in Montecchio Maggiore in Italy, with manufacturing plants in Italy, USA, Switzerland and China.

FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions is a business unit of FIAMM Group that is dedicated to energy storage systems. The strength of FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions is SoNick, the innovative sodium nickel chloride technology (also known as "salt-battery") that allows FIAMM to provide customized storage solutions to fulfill both On-Grid and Off-Grid Application requirements.

Thanks to the flexibility and multiservice capabilities of the SoNick technology, combined with its outstanding safety, long-run reliability and thermal benefits, FIAMM ESS is able to develop modular storage solutions, ranging from small residential to large storage systems that can support grid and stand-alone services.

The FIAMM ESS team provides our project partners with support and expert advice to develop and tailor the most suitable solution.

Founded in 1942, the FIAMM Group is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive starting batteries, industrial stationary batteries, sodium nickel metal energy storage accumulators and acoustic signaling devices.

The company has a global presence in 60 countries with approximately 3300 employees and 10 manufacturing facilities. FIAMM?s key customers include: BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes, GM-Opel, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Ferrari, Maserati, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, EDF and Bombardier.

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