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To showcase innovation and build a platform to shape the future of mobility, NITI Aayog is proud to host the first Move Summit 2018. In New Delhi on 7th and 8th September 2018, stakeholders from across the sectors of mobility and transportation will gather to co-create a public interest framework to revolutionize transport. Together, government, industry, academia, civil society and media will set the base for a transport system which is safe; clean, shared and connected; and affordable, accessible and inclusive.

Why Mobility?

Mobility is what keeps the engine of life running. Whether it is personal mobility for work or leisure or mobility of goods across value chains, without the ability to traverse large distances in short time spans, civilization would not be where it is today. In an urbanizing world, mobility is integral to city design, facilitating the evolution of physical space for liveability. Ranging from pedestrian and personal transport to public transit and freight movement, mobility is a crucial piece of the development puzzle and the key to unlocking the potential of India's economy and people.

Across sectors, public and private expenditure is being invested in effective and efficient transport. The challenge lies in ensuring that these systems meet the needs of their users in a sustainable manner. It must be clean for environmental benefits, shared to maximize asset efficiency, and connected to meet user needs from end-to-end. Affordability of public transit is key for low-income users, and of freight for industry. Accessibility and inclusivity is crucial for remote and differently-abled users across geographies, with the philosophy of leaving no-one behind. Safe, energy-efficient and low-emission systems are necessary for India to meet its international commitments on climate change.


The Move Summit will address these challenges through two major channels:

THE CORE SUMMIT AND PARALLEL EVENTS. It will help leverage a number of unique features of India's mobility ecosystem:

(a) Tremendous potential for a fundamental shift;

(b) Low lock-in-effect;

(c) Scale and size;

(d) Frugal innovation; and

(e) Globally-recognized technological prowess.

The core summit will consist of focused high-level panel discussions around both foundational and cutting-edge aspects of mobility. It will facilitate discussions between key players in the mobility ecosystem on the barriers, enablers and opportunities for transport markets, such as low emission vehicles, future fuels and intelligent transport.

Parallel events will allow a greater diversity of stakeholders to conduct smaller-scale, in-depth and personalized conversations around specific topics of expertise. Together, the Move Summit will seek to integrate India's efforts around sustainable development, urbanization, clean energy and more, through the unique lens of mobility.

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