5th IESA webinar on Power Electronics for battery energy storage system and its specifications

About the Event

For every electrical energy storage system, Power Conditioning System (PCS) forms an integral part of the solution. PCS involved the AC to DC conversion for storing energy in batteries as well as converts DC power stored in batteries to AC for us by consumer or feeding into the grid. PCS also plays a key role in ensuring that the energy storage system is able to meet application and power quality requirements. In this webinar, one will learn about the PCS and power electronics that are an essential part of the modern energy storage systems. This webinar will cover details on the typical configurations, types of PCS used for different applications, key specifications, applicable standards and guide users on selecting right PCS for their applications.

The webinar will feature experts representing leading PCS manufacturers:

  • Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Customized Energy Solutions
  • Santosh Kr Sharma, Eaton
  • P Sivaguru, Delta Electronics

Date:  10th October 2018

Time:  4: 00 PM IST – 5: 30 PM IST

Mode of Presentation: Online (10-15 minutes)


₹ 49

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