Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), a dedicated Central Public Sector Undertaking for the solar energy sector under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued an expression of interest for identification and empanelment of agencies for the development of electric/ transformative mobility space in the country.

As indicated in the notice, an e-consultation meeting with the prospective participants is scheduled on November 6, 2020, SECI’s office through an online platform. The last date for submission of interest is December 7, 2020.

“SECI intends to empanel agencies for the identification and implementation of business opportunities in the electric/transformative mobility space in line with the national target of raising the share of electric vehicles (EVs) to 30 percent of a total number of vehicles by 2030 along with associated infrastructure,” SECO stated in the official EOI notice.

The objective of EOI is to onboard three to five agencies which preferably have proven track record prior experience in electric/transformative mobility and/ or in new/innovative technology development/scale-up.

The scope of the EOI mentions, business opportunities could be existing in demand creation, demand aggregation, setting up charging infrastructure, introduction of new and innovative products, market development, capacity building, etc. In addition to identifying the business opportunities, the empaneled agencies (EA) would be required to provide regular updates in this regard to SECI.

The business opportunities identified therein by EAs will be evaluated by SECI and if found suitable SECI would endeavor to facilitate further implementation of such opportunities on mutually beneficial terms and conditions for which a binding agreement may be executed between SECI and EA detailing the various terms and conditions.

The notice further clarified that unless extended, the empanelment shall be for a period of three years which shall be subject to regular reviews and modifications.

To be eligible to participate in the EOI, the application must have a positive net-worth as of March 31, 2020, or March 31, 2019. Additionally, they will also be evaluated by SECI based on criteria such as their experience in this space, the number of operational electric and transformative mobility projects, and proposed technology and business plans laid out by the company.

SECI has been the implementing agency for many of the Government of India schemes for the promotion of solar and wind energy projects where SECI serves as a demand aggregator and intermediary procurer of solar and wind power and supply of RE power on a back-to-back basis. One of the objectives of SECI is the promotion of new technology and the development of demonstration projects that reduces carbon emission and the latest EOI marks SECI’s foray in the electric and transformative mobility space.

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