Eos Energy Storage expands battery deployment to microgrid projects in Nigeria

Eos Energy Storage expands battery deployment to microgrid projects in Nigeria

Eos Energy System, a leading zinc battery storage system manufacturer has announced the expansion of its partnership with Nayo Tropical Technology Ltd., a leading West African mini-grid engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company to deploy the Eos signature battery system.

The additional installations are a follow up on the first energy storage deployment made by Eos as per agreement between Nayo and Eos in July this year. The first installation combined solar photovoltaic generation and energy storage to provide reliable electricity to homes and businesses in remote Nigerian communities, in addition to reducing dependence on diesel generators.

As per the extended partnership, Eos is now to deploy Aurora EnergyBlock systems, zinc battery systems rated at 125kW/500kWh, to four rural microgrid projects in Nigeria in the first quarter of 2021.

“We are proud to expand our partnership with Nayo with a follow up in the first quarter, and we look forward to serving the energy needs of additional communities in the future with Nayo as our partner,” said Dr. Balki G. Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos.

Nayo has more than 25 new mini-grids in its pipeline to deploy across West Africa, which Eos plans to support as the industry grows over the next two years.

“Eos’ technology fit our exact needs for energy storage,” said Okenwa Anayo Nas, Chief Executive Officer of Nayo. “As a follow up to the first storage project, we were quick to move forward with additional installations. With Eos batteries, our projects are delivering on their promise to bring energy to remote villages across Africa. We appreciate the low cost-per-kilowatt-hour and flexibility of Eos’ solution.”

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