Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday encouraged pilot projects to run electric buses with private investments in India. 

"Public-Private Partnership (PPP model) is easily available, economically viable and state transport can pursue them to follow this policy on the basis of the London Transport model," Gadkari said while addressing the 4th UITP India Bus seminar, through video conference.

If anyone is ready to invest in India, we can give a pilot project where they can run their buses on electric, and as compared with diesel they will get more margin. The ticket rate would be the same but because of fuel sale cost-saving it will be a very attractive project, Gadkari explained.

Mr. Gadkari emphasized the government is keen on implementing the London Transport model for public transport.

He added in such a pilot electric bus project, the operator will invest in the capital cost for taking buses and per kilometer, the corporation will give their charges.

"We can also think of running trolleybuses in India on electricity," Gadkari noted.