Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure & Battery Swapping

Program Overview

The Indian EV industry is accelerating to faster adoption with appropriate policy support, incentives, and encouraging local manufacturing. The rising demand for EV’s has presented itself as an authentic alternative to ICE.

Apart from the technological advancement, access to charging infrastructure plays a vital role in scaling up EV’s. Standards and interoperability underscore these trends, across vehicles, charging systems, and communication networks – and are a key driving force for electric vehicle adoption.

In line with FAME II rules, the Bureau of Indian Standards and the Department of Science and Technology are working towards standardization of charging infrastructure, which can help bring down the cost of setting up EV charging stations. There are already discussions happening in the industry around the adoption of the Japanese CHAdeMO, European Combined Charging System (CCS), and the Indian Bharat Standard, developed by ARAI.

EV Battery swapping is another alternative solution to minimize the EV ownership cost and to reduce charging time. Recently, both, Ministry of Power and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway have given a green signal to EV Battery swapping as also an appropriate solution for India.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure & Battery Swapping program will familiarize participants with various charging standards and protocols issued by DHI, Ministry of Power in 2018, and state-wise tariff applicable. It will also give an overview of current charging infrastructure installations and battery swapping in India and respective growth opportunities.

Good For:

  • EV Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • EV Infrastructure, Charging Infrastructure, Battery Swapping, Battery Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Personnel from
    • Academia
    • Thinktank
    • Research Institutes

Program Objectives:

  • Understand key government policy & EV adoption in India.
  • Get an overview of electronic vehicle charging in India.
  • Understand EV charging architecture & indigenous manufacturing procedures.
  • Get familiar with EV charging standards, testing, and certification.
  • Learn how to set up an EV Charging Infrastructure and its operation and maintenance.
  • Understand the government's perspective on mass EV charging implementation.
  • Get an overview of the battery swapping.
  • Understand battery swapping technology for EVs.
  • Learn to design a battery swapping station.

Topics Covered:

  • Key Government Policy & EV Adoption in India
  • Introduction to Electronic Vehicle Charging
  • EV Charging Architecture & Indigenous Manufacturing
  • EV Charging Standards, Testing and Certification
  • Role of Renewable Energy and Distribution Grid
  • Setting EV Charging Infrastructure and Operation & Maintenance
  • Introduction to Battery Swapping
  • Battery Swapping Technology for EVs
  • Battery Swapping Station Design

Tentative Duration:

2 Days

Important Note:

This program can be customized as scheduled as per your requirement.

Please contact IESA Academy to know more.

Mon, Sep 08 2025 10:58 PM - Tue, Sep 30 2025 11:58 PM