India Battery Supply Chain Council (IBSCC) is an initiative by IESA to support the battery industry in various aspects related to indigenous manufacturing. It was launched during the India Battery Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Summit held in December 2021. The key focus areas of the council include—
  • Raw materials supply chain development (an emphasis on the exploration of critical materials/minerals, refining, and chemical processing),
  • Facilitating large-scale manufacturing (ACC manufacturing, component manufacturing, urban mining),
  • Developing domestic technology for manufacturing (equipment/machinery)
  • Promoting Research and Development (R&D) in existing and emerging battery technologies
  • Suggesting appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks (Central and State-levels)
  • Promoting skill development and capacity-building programs
The council conducts a monthly meeting on the 4th Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 PM to discuss various aspects of indigenous battery manufacturing. It undertakes the following activities:
  • Enabling various industry members to discuss the battery manufacturing ecosystem concerns on a shared platform
  • Identifying critical issues and addressing solutions pertinent to the indigenous manufacturing
  • Preparing knowledge papers/short reports on relevant topics
  • Sharing the key insights/recommendations with relevant ministries/government agencies
The council is chaired by Mr. Vikram Handa, Managing Director, Epsilon Advanced Materials Pvt Ltd, and co-chaired by Mr. Robert Pedreza, CEO of Primet Precision Materials.
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