• IESA and SMA India Alliance: A way forward to evolve and modernize India Energy Storage Systems with grid forming capability.
  • The event will witness participation from key government bodies and other prominent government and industry stakeholders to discuss and facilitate the deployment of energy storage and create its roadmap in India.
  • IESA estimates the annual demand for energy storage market to grow from under 10 GWh currently to over 50 GWh by 2025 and over 150 GWh by 2030.
New Delhi, India: With an intention to leading the way forward for future energy demands with stable grids, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), India’s leading industry alliance on energy storage, e-mobility and green hydrogen is organizing the seminar ‘Energy Storage Systems with Grid Forming Capability’ in association with SMA India, the subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), a global leader in photovoltaic and storage system technology. The event will be held on August 18, 2022, at Le Meridien, New Delhi.

In order to assist the deployment of energy storage and develop its roadmap in India, relevant government entities as well as other prominent government and business stakeholders will participate in the event. The leading policymakers and think tanks from India are represented by BHEL, CEA, CERC, NITI Aayog, NTPC, MNRE, POSOCO, and SECI. The event will also feature prominent representatives from top companies in the business, including Azure Power, Exicom, Fluence, Greenko, Hero Future Energies, L&T, Matter, Nexcharge, O2 Power, Power Grid Corporation of India, Renew Power, Reliance, SunSource Energy, and TATA Power.
Three main topics will be covered in this seminar: an overview of energy storage projects and their potential for India; global case studies and lessons learned; and energy systems and essential elements for project development.

Speaking about the event, Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) said, “We are excited to partner with SMA India for bringing together a seminar focused on energy storage with grid forming capability. Advanced energy storage is a swiftly evolving technology sector crucial for 21st-century electricity grids. Battery Energy Storage (BESS) will play an important role in accelerating electricity and grid decarbonization in India. The Indian Energy Storage market is gearing up for large-scale energy storage deployment and Production Link Incentive (PLI) for Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Manufacturing.”

Karan Singh, Director Sales and Marketing-SEA, South Korea, and India (SMA Solar) said, “India is one of the fastest-growing solar markets in the world and requires regional expertise to speed the country’s transition to a clean energy economy. As an organization which firmly believes in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to minimize the global climate crisis, SMA`s goal is to combine long-term business success with environmental protection and social responsibility. With this alliance, we hope to bring relevant knowledge under one roof for the respective institutions, regulatory authorities and grid operators to define the technical and economic framework for the industry.”

India's battery consumption is anticipated to exceed 650 GWh by 2035, with a manufacturing capacity of 500 GWh. Jobs will be created in the EV and Energy Storage ecosystem to the tune of up to 20,000,000. The energy storage supply chain needs to be strengthened at this crucial time to support this ambitious manufacturing goal. Furthermore, battery storage is essential for building a domestic supply chain to achieve India's lofty goals for 2030, including having 30% of all automobile sales be electric and having 50% of all energy needs met by renewable sources.

Grid Forming is key to combining a 100% green power supply with grid stability and resilience. It is an emerging technology that allows inverter-based energy sources such as solar energy to restart the grid independently. SMA is pioneering this development with the introduction of Grid Forming Solutions for energy storage plants. SMA’s Grid Forming Solutions has stability use cases such as inertia, system strength, short-circuit level, system restoration, power system stabilizer and power quality. SMA has a global track record of completed Grid Forming plants with high ROI. Some of its key projects have been in Greece, St. Eustatius Island and Bordesholm in Germany. It is expected that this seminar will bring together all stakeholders in the Indian energy sector to explore grid forming solutions for energy storage and increase the country’s grid forming capability.