PURE LITHIUM battery to power healthcare applications

PURE LITHIUM battery to power healthcare applications

- By Shraddha Kakade

Lithium-ion batteries provide energy storage solutions to meet a host of needs from home backup, electric vehicles to telecom, data centers, and now, even healthcare.

Purenergy Pvt Ltd, an electric vehicle startup incubated at IIT Hyderabad recently announced that it will supply Lithium batteries, under the brand ‘PURE LITHIUM’  to healthcare tech companies that are engaged in combatting COVID-19 across the country.

"In the current pandemic, it's a very opportune moment for all the various startups to rise to the challenge of coming up with innovative solutions to overcome COVID 19," said Rohit Vadera, Co-founder and CEO of Purenergy in conversation with ETN Magazine. 

"Using our prior expertise in Lithium battery manufacturing and with our current production capacity of over 5MWh per month, we are very much open to supplying lithium batteries to startups working towards medical devices applications," Vadera added. 

The startup has been providing Li-ion batteries for various applications including for UPS, solar storage for over a year now. More recently, it has announced plans of supplying Li-ion batteries for medical applications such as ventilators, and robotic sanitation devices among other technologies.

According to the company, the batteries produced are designed in a way that they work under a wide range of environmental conditions thereby having significantly longer charging/ discharging cycles than the standard VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) batteries.

Purenergy Pvt Ltd has its core R&D team based out of IIT Hyderabad and conducts extensive work in the space of battery thermal management systems, life cycle analysis which also helps improve the performance of the two-wheelers the startup sells under the "PURE EV" vertical. 

Mr. Vadera confirmed that the startup currently supplies Li-ion batteries to two startups in the healthcare sector, Eternal Green Innovations Pvt Ltd which works in the space of automated sanitization applications and Aerobiosys Innovations that is working on providing low-cost emergency-use ventilator called ‘Jeevan Lite.’ 

"At this stage, these are a plain supply of goods only, but we are open for joint developments if any startup needs any special customized batteries," Vadera added.


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