Great Global Cleanup Hero Campaign

Great Global Cleanup Hero Campaign



To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the campaign will recognise the persistent effort of individuals who continue to contribute to conserve the environment and make their voices heard. The Great Global Cleanup Hero will have these unstoppable individuals spread awareness through social media handles, WhatsApp, blogs, personal conversations with their friends, relatives, etc. Once the situation normalises, and the government allows outdoor group activities, the hero is expected to conduct on-ground activities such as cleanups and awareness drives.  The most deserving hero/es who as a leader never stops to contribute to protect the environment even during these challenging times will be adjudged as winner/s.  Unlimited entries will be accepted by the jury.  The campaign will culminate with an award ceremony in November 2020.   

Step 1:

Register yourself by filling the Great Global Cleanup Hero Form: https://tinyurl.com/GreatGlobalCleanupHero

Step 2:

  • You could formulate digital programs/competitions to further widen and deepen awareness about the need for a clean environment through digital means
  • You could share pictures of their individual indoor activities, tag us using our #GreatGlobalCleanupHero and #GreatGlobalCleanup hashtag, send screenshots of their unique ways of spreading awareness
  • You could reach out to school principals, professors, influencers, bloggers, celebrities, who would re-post the posts and further speak on the issues and Earth Day 2020 by tagging us with hashtags or mention in video bytes
  • Make 30-secondsto 1-minutevideos with each of your group members to talk about important environmental issues urging others to join the digital movement
  • Create public discussion forums on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Live, etc.
  • Make comic strips and cartoons
  • Make educative environmental messages, forwards, broadcast them on WhatsApp groups- share screenshots, re-share, tag us, to document each activity you do
  • Compose slogans, jingles
  • Make interesting digital postersand post them widely
  • Encourage recycling and upcyclingat home
  • Use art and unique measures to spread environmental awareness(open to individuals to designin their own unique ways)
  • Awareness through personal means, outreach, and document in the form of screenshots, pictures, hashtags, etc.

Step 3:

Upload your activities on Facebook. Do tag Earth Day Network India (https://www.facebook.com/Earth.Day.Network.India/) and with #GreatGlobalCleanupHero and #GreatGlobalCleanup

Step 4:

Submit a report of the activities, clearly providing data on the number of participants who could be reached out to by each in the group or impacted, the impact of the program, and rest details that you may wish to add.  The last date to submit your report is October 2, 2020.  Send us a consolidated report of all activities at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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