Interview of Achal Sondhi, VP of Growth, APAC, Fluence

Interview of Achal Sondhi, VP of Growth, APAC, Fluence

Q. Why is energy storage/emobility/hydrogen important to you? Why did you decide to venture in this sector? What is the driving factor or inspiration for you to be in this sector?
A. I believe the concept to optimize our Demand and generation is the only way to ensure we don’t waste our resources; Storage offers that ability. Battery storage is technology that today is commercialized and priced well to enable the energy transition, Renewables and optimization of our grid and believe this will be the case for several years. I see the world of electricity very simply, we can over build and meet all the demand we need to, but this is a cost to me, my parents, my friends, my neighbour and most of all to my son. The goal should be to follow our demand profile with Green resources the best we can, and fit our self to the area under the load curve and not a box around it.

Q. What are the important reforms you need from govt and policy makers?
A. Certainty in a market enables the fastest mechanism to optimize costs, enable more innovative solutions and create demand. By implementing a “storage target” the top down instruction is given both to private and public stakeholders, it enables people to invest to develop solutions and bring down costs of delivering the solutions. Going a level deeper: Incentivising those who optimize CAPEX spend and penalize those who create stranded assets (underutilized Power plants, transmission lines, Purchase procurements).

Q. How much important is R&D? your contribution in this?
A. R&D is critical in any space; old and new technologies. Our organization has core value to FIERCELY INNOVATE. And we continue to do this for every market we see moving, every application we believe a business case is now commercially viable and every customer that wants to lead the charge.

Q. What is the product line up from your organization, what are your company’s future plans?
A. Our Products will be more efficient, safer and viable to deploy from a total cost of ownership perspective vs self-integration, component mixing and localized for markets as they begin to start transacting. The Indian market we are committed and hope in the future to see it as one of the leaders in the Energy transition enabled by Energy storage.

Personal questions:

Q. The Movie you will recommend to see?
A. Home Alone: Three great learnings from this movie (1) If you have to do something do it yourself (2) when you do something great don’t need to brag about it (3) Don’t take family for granted

Q. Who is your role model?
A. Mark Cuban and Will Smith- Just hardest worker in the room always trying to do things differently and step outside their comfort zone

Q. What destresses you?
A. Walking/Squash/Feeding off other peoples energy/ and chilling with my family Q. How many trees/ saplings can you plant next year(We are partners with Earth day Network, would you like to associate with them? A. Look forward to support such initiatives and very keen
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