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Since founding in 1894, Underwriters Laboratories Inc have conducted rigorous independent research and developed safety standards to improve living and working conditions throughout the world.

As Underwriters Laboratories Inc grows to meet tomorrow’s safety challenges, it envision a future where safety science research is more available and more impactful than ever before. Today’s rapidly changing world needs a renewed commitment to safety — as a modern, collaborative, and global practice that moves in tandem with discovery. This is the vision that Underwriters Laboratories Inc has long championed and the future it is helping to build.

By convening global experts from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, Underwriters Laboratories Inc is able to advance fundamental and applied safety science research, facilitate critical partnerships, and engage a wide range of stakeholders. It's collaborative research supports careful analyses of current safety trends, and it oversee the creation of trusted standards to guide the safe and sustainable use of new products and emerging technologies. Through its work, Underwriters Laboratories Inc serves as a vital resource and facilitator for policymakers in regulatory and legislative environments.

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