Hands on Lithium-ion Cell Fabrication Workshop

India has finally gained stature as one of the fastest-growing markets for advanced energy storage technology supporting the exponential growth expected in its electric vehicle market over the next 5 years. The 20+ companies involved in a cell-to-module assembly in India, currently importing lithium-ion batteries from Japan, China, and the USA realize the significant opportunity to build a strong domestic manufacturing ecosystem. These opportunities are in stationary energy storage as well as in assisting the integration of renewable energy storage. With IESA estimating the Indian market to grow over 300GWh considering ESS and EV opportunities around 5$ billion investment is expected to be attracted supporting 50+GWh capacities for multiple lithium-ion batteries GIGA factories. 

The Hands on Lithium-ion Cell Fabrication Workshop is designed by IESA Academy & our experts to assist the industry in understanding and learning the Lithium-ion cell manufacturing process via hands-on lab training. Our program will help participants understand the requirements of raw material, equipment & detailed manufacturing processes

Topics Covered:

  • Hands-on training session for pouch cell fabrication
  • Preparation of cathode ink and coating on current collectors for electrode
  • Hands on training session on battery testing and criteria for cell selection fabrication
  • Presentation on cell manufacturing, chemistries and performance characteristics
  • Presentations on next generation Li-ion technologies
The program is good for those who are:
  • Energy storage application developers: EVs, stationary storage devices 
  • Battery raw material and  component manufacturers  
  • Chemical Manufacturing Industry  
  • Academic Researchers  
  • Interested people from the Startup ecosystem 
  • Battery pack assemblers and energy storage suppliers  
  • Automotive Industry 
  • Electronics and Electrical  
  • Component Manufacturer

Tentative Duration:

2 Days

Important Note:

This program can be customized and scheduled as per your requirement.

Please contact IESA Academy to know more.

Mon, Sep 15 2025 11:23 PM - Tue, Sep 16 2025 12:23 AM

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