Advanced Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Vehicles

The ecosystem is undergoing a dynamic transition globally with a paradigm shift from lead-acid to Lithium-ion batteries. Electric vehicle and their batteries are becoming more relevant in the transportation and energy ecosystem. OEMs have realized that the adoption of Lithium and other advanced technologies are expensive yet sustainable in terms of performance, size, and weight.

Building a knowledge workforce that understands batteries is a key requirement of this transition. To take a step forward in this direction, IESA Academy brings Advanced Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Vehicles training program. This program will educate participants on certain aspects like the advanced Lithium-ion battery technology, thermal modeling, safety, the importance of BMS, and global scenario.

This Program is Good for Those Who Are:

  • Working on battery and BMS 
  • Working on battery design simulation platform 
  • Technicians/Engineers/Managers/Start-ups/Consultants 
  • Teaching professionals and engineering students 

Topics Covered:

    l data-leveltext="" " " " ">" ">"dvance Lithium-ion battery technologies & comparison of technology parameters  l data-leveltext="" " " " ">" ">"verview of the global landscape, key players & major stakeholders  l data-leveltext="" " " " ">" ">"mportance of BMS for advanced Lithium-ion battery  l data-leveltext="" " " " ">" ">"ell fabrication and advanced electrodes and electrolyte materials for next generation Lithium-ion batteries  l data-leveltext="" " " " ">" ">"eedback and assessment test  l data-leveltext="" " " " ">" ">"eclaration of topper 

Tentative Duration:

2 Days

Important Note:

This program can be customized as scheduled as per your requirement.

Please contact IESA Academy to know more.

Mon, Sep 15 2025 10:31 PM - Tue, Sep 16 2025 11:31 PM

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