Module 3 of India Energy Storage Alliance online training program on Off Grid/On Grid Solar Power Plant Batteries – System Design, Sizing, O&M and Procedure for Life Prediction & Enhancement
November month's Policy Working Group meeting was scheduled on 12 November from 3: 30 - 4: 40 PM.  Discussion points: Energy Storage and EV tender updates. ETD 52 draft BMS standards discussion. Update on World Bank Energy Storage Partnership (ESP). Update on the NITI Aayog battery manufacturing initiative. Update on Clean Investment Fund (CIF) energy storage finance meet from the UK. New IESA initiative updates. IESA Re-Use and Recycle initiative (IRRI). IESA Academy's online training and certification program.
Discussion points: 1) Energy Storage and EV tender updates.2) Pre-bid meeting discussion points reference to MPPMCL EOI, Lakshadweep energy storage tender and 1.2 GW solar + hybrid tender. 3) India Re-Use and Recycle Initiative (IRRI) update. 4) Discussion on Battery Recycling whitepaper.
This webinar discussed the extent of materials recovery possible from recycling, the concept of urban mining and technological advances in recycling in recent years.
This webinar discussed the extent of materials recovery possible from recycling, the concept of urban mining and technological advances in recycling in recent years.
Microgrids -- distributed systems of localized generation, distribution network, and load -- are being increasingly deployed particularly in rural areas of emerging and under-developed countries to achieve energy access. Approximately 87% of the people without electricity live in rural areas characterized by remoteness and sparse population density. The traditional approach to serving these communities by extending the central grid has been proven to be ineffective due to a combination of factors such as capital scarcity, insufficient energy service, reduced grid reliability, etc. India has been a pioneer in rural microgrids since the 1990s, however, there is significant progress to be made despite rapid advancements in technologies like solar PV, energy storage and affordable LED lighting solutions. India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) estimates that India has installed over 2000 AC microgrids of over 5 kW and over 10,000 DC microgrids with majority sizing less than 1 kW. It entered into an MoU with European Space Agency (ESA) to explore applications of space technologies for accelerating energy access in India. IESA, with its vision of making microgrids economically sustainable by understanding and addressing common modes of failure on its MICRO platform and the ESA, with its aim of bringing satellite communication technology for the bottom of pyramid application to create a net social impact, have partnered to resolve this problem statement. This webinar will discuss the recent studies and further steps of action in the India market. Speakers: Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, Customized Energy Solutions. David Coppola, Downstream Business Applications Department, European Space Research and Technology Centre. Steven Braakman, NEO, The Netherlands. Geert Koster, NEO, The Netherlands. Henzing, J.S. (Bas),NEO, The Netherlands. Ciro Lanzetta, i-EM, Italy. Lorenzo Gigoni, i-EM, Italy. Emilio Simeone, i-EM, Italy. *Note- The document is password protected. 1 is the password for the access.
Novel thermal management systems will be discussed which offer solutions to both safety and performance concerns in Li-ion energy storage systems. LHS® materials are optimally designed to inhibit thermal runaway by absorbing and dissipating significant thermal energy, substantially increasing the overall safety and thermal stability of a battery system. These same materials also maintain optimal cycling performance in the extreme Indian environments, providing a 6-30 oC peak temperature reduction during standard charge/discharge cycling. Speakers: 1) Mark Hartmann, Chief Technology Officer, Latent Heat Solutions, LLC. 2) Ankur Jain, Professor (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering), University of Texas, Arlington. 3) Vishnu Sasidharan, Vice President, New Product Initiatives, Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Novel thermal management systems will be discussed which
Novel thermal management systems will be discussed which
In this meeting the discussion were on-
In this meeting the discussion were on-
With the rapid adoption of solar energy in India there is a strong need for exploring the role
Discussion on NITI Aayog meeting held on 9th May 2019

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