Battery Ecosystem: A Global Overview, Gap Analysis in Indian context, and Way Forward for Ecosystem Development

Battery Ecosystem: A Global Overview, Gap Analysis in Indian context, and Way Forward for Ecosystem Development

The study is focused on documenting the status quo of battery technologies used in electric vehicles, Indian and global battery standards, and policy frameworks in India vis-à-vis global counterparts. In addition to the external environment, battery value chain elements viz. battery manufacturing, battery swapping, battery disposal, recycling, and reuse are also studied in detail to understand the technological and policy landscape in India. Owing to the nascent nature of the value chain, outputs from primary interactions have been integrated into the study to provide the picture of on ground realities.

Basis the deep understanding of technology, market and regulatory landscape, suitable recommendations have been laid out in the study. The recommendations have touched upon multiple aspects of market demand creation, monitoring, and awareness development to name a few.

Additionally, financial and economic analysis of a battery recycling plant and battery swapping stations have been carried out to understand the viability of the business and essential cost and revenue drivers. Sensitivity analysis of the model along with ideal condition outputs have been showcased to provide the view of the businesses in entirety.

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Published: 16th May 2022
Author: Swati G

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