330 Wp Solar PV Polycrystalline Silicon Panel

₹ 7250

Note : This Product is supplied through Jakson authorised channel partners and the mentioned price are Ex-Works  Noida

Product Features :

  • 5 Busbar Solar Cell : 5 busbar cell design improves module efficiency and offers better power output.
  • Outstanding Durability: With its reinforced frame design, our modules can endure front load of up to 5400 Pa and rear load of up to 2400                                           Pa to withstand heavy wind & snow load
  • High Power Output : Our PV modules are compact in size and have been designed to deliver enhanced output and efficiency
  • Better Performance in High Temperature: Our PV modules deliver efficient performance even in high temperature conditions due to its                                                                          improved temperature coefficient
  • Low Light performance : Advanced glass and cell surface texture design ensures excellent performance in low light environment
  • Enhanced Performance : Our PV modules provide more than 80% efficiency even after 25 years of operation
  • Global Certifications : IEC 61215, IEC 61730 (I & II), IEC 61853 certified, Sand and dust storm resistant (IEC 60068), Certification as per                                          BIS Salt mist, ammonia and hail resistant (IEC 61701) (IEC 62716)

Electrical Data as per Standard Test Conditions (STC) 
Peak Power Watts - Pmax (Wp) 330 Wp
Power Output Tolerance - Pmax (Wp)  0/+5 (Wp)
Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V)  37.25 V
Maximum Power Current - Impp (A) 8.86 A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 45.94 V
Short Circuit Current Isc (A) 9.41 A
Module Efficiency m (%) 17.01 %
Under Standard Test Conditions (STC) of 1000 W/m irradiance, AM 1.5 spectrum and 25 Degree Celcius cell temperature.

Mechanical Data :
Solar Cells Polycrystalline 156.75 x 156.75 mm
Cell Orientation  72 Cells (6x12)
Module Dimensions  1960 x 990 x 35 mm
Weight 22.5 kg
Glass 3.2 mm (0.13 Inches), High Transmission, AR Coated Tempered Glass
Backsheet Composite film Cell encapsulation
EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Frame  Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box  IP 67/68 with 3 bypass diodes
Cables Photovoltaic Technology Cable 4.0 mm 2 (0.006 Inches ), 1200 mm (47.2 Inches)
Connector  MC4 Compatible or Amphenol H4/UTX
Fire Type  Type 1 or Type 2
Temperature Ratings : 
Nominal Oper ating Cell Temperature (NOCT)  46 Degree Celcius
Temperature Coefficient of PMAX  -0.39% / Degree Celcius
Temperature Coefficient of VOC  -0.32% / Degree Celcius
Temperature Coefficient of ISC  -0.05% / Degree Celcius

Maximum Ratings : 
Operating Temperature  -40 / +85 C
Maximum System 1000V/1500V DC (IEC) Voltage 1000V/1500V DC (UL)
Max Series Fuse Rating 15A

10 year Product Workmanship Warranty
25 year Linear Power Warranty
* Subject to Terms & Conditions.

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