PIEC Square Earth Pit Small Size (PEP S)

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₹ 600
₹ 560

  • 245 mm (L) 245 m (W) 195 mm (H)
  • 9.50 Inch (L) 9.50 Inch (W) 7.8 Inch (H)
  • This PIEC Polymer Earth Housing Pit is Manufactured from heavy high-grade polypropylene for high strength & stress levels to absorb a medium load.
  • Stabilised against degradation by non-brittle and by sunlight to prevent cold weather damage.The light weight feature allow easy handling,storage and transporatation,thus increasing installation efficiency.
  • Termination area is increased by 100% due to simple locking of two units together,allowing deeper electrode connection to be made and reducing the effects from harmful voltage gradients.

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