The IESA ¬â€œ Knowledge Partner Network (IESA - KPN) is built on the user group framework with a focus on bringing the key user group of the market to aid in-depth understanding of the EES market in India. This group would consist of the following (but not limited to) industry domains and would function as one of the key drivers to the growth and development of the EES, as well as the IESA roadmap: ‚  Proactive Indian state owned utilities and regulatory commissions Central Government bodies like Power Research Institutes, leading Power transmission utilities, etc. SEZ / Townships Telecom towers and infrastructure industry Industries (metals, petroleum etc.) Storage Supply chain vendors / manufacturers Universities / research groups Hotel groups Any other relevant players in the market who would benefit either directly or through knowledge exchange in this domain ‚  Pursuant to the founding philosophy of IESA, this group has been established with the purpose of not only bringing balance to the alliance by sharing market knowledge and policy formulation trends but also for gaining knowledge about the state of the art storage technologies around the globe, which the full and associate members of IESA bring to the table. The IESA ¬â€œ KPN members play a key role in knowledge and information exchange, as this is the end user group who would use the Energy Storage technologies going forward.
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