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LG Chem will provide batteries to the largest commercial ESS business in Japan where the secondary battery technology was originated. As LG Chem announced on the 15th, it has received an order from the Green Power Development Corporation (GPD) of Japan for lithium-ion secondary batteries for ESS business in association with the solar PV project in Hokkaido. 

ESS is a core device of smart grid to maintain secure transmission of power on demand once the electricity is produced from a power plant. The facility will be built with the capacity of 31WWh, enough to power about 6000 households for a day. 

LGChem plans to gradually provide four solar PV power plants in Hokkaido by 2017. The order value is known to be around 31 billion won. Kwon Young Soo, President of LG Chem Energy Solution Company, said that it is significant that they received the order from Japan, meaning that its technology is now up to the world’s highest level. He added that LG Chem is ready to stand up to the world’s top position in the ESS area, penetrating the Japanese market following the US and Europe. 

LG Chem passed regulatory testing on the rigorous power variation control in Japan. LG Chem also expects to cut contracts with other private power plants in Japan. 

(This news story is from Whowired Korea)

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