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Samsung SDI said Monday that it has showcased high capacity batteries for eco-friendly vehicles at a motor show in China.

The move came as the company seeks a greater presence in the eco-friendly automobile parts industry in China, which is expected to become the largest marketplace for electric vehicles.

"China has the full potential to become the world's biggest electric vehicle market, even surpassing the growth of the existing IT industry," said Samsung SDI President and CEO Cho Nam-seong.

"The new manufacturing plant in Xian will help solidify our local production base in China once its construction is completed at the end of this year."

The battery manufacturing affiliate of Samsung Group said it has participated in the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2015 and unveiled a wide range of items including the 37 Ah and 94 Ah automobile batteries. The automotive trade show kicked off on April 20.

In line with the Chinese government's New Energy Vehicle Policy, Samsung SDI said it will produce its flagship prismatic battery cells for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at its Xian plant.

Prismatic battery cells do not require larger storage to extend capacity. The company said this will allow automakers to maintain its existing battery designs when they develop new electric vehicles based on their gasoline or diesel models.

In addition, Samsung SDI has introduced the compact-design module and pack based on its high-capacity batteries. Reducing the size of batteries is one of the most important factors for EVs, whose fuel efficiency is deemed crucial. With its compact battery modules and packs, Samsung SDI has presented new solutions that will enable Chinese automakers to produce EVs more efficiently.

The company displayed its low voltage system.

It is designed to replace or complement the lead acid battery installed in cars for higher fuel efficiency, and automakers can save fuel and reduce carbon emissions with this system, the company said.

Samsung SDI also exhibited various eco-friendly and functional automotive materials for interior and exterior parts including non-painted metallic materials. The company said has been adopted by Ford for the center console of its 2015 Fusion and Mondeo.

(This news story is from The Korea Times)

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