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In the eighth edition of Navigant Research’s Microgrid Deployment Tracker, the largest change on a regional basis is the emergence of the Asia Pacific region as the market leader in terms of total identified capacity from specific microgrid projects or planned portfolios of projects. This gain is largely due to an aggressive development program in China, projected to bring online over 4,000 MW of new microgrid capacity over the next 5 years, both for grid-tied and remote applications.

In terms of segments, deeper dives into data collection in key North American markets such as Alaska and Canada – as well as enhanced deployments in developing nations such as India – have made the remote segment the clear market leader in terms of numbers of projects and overall capacity.

As of May 2015, the microgrid market is much more robust than in 2009, when Navigant Research first began to develop its database of this corner of the smart grid movement. As of this update, Navigant has identified 12,031 MW of total microgrid capacity throughout the world, up from 4,393 MW in the 2Q 2014 update. This represents an increase of 7,638 MW, a near tripling of the known scope of the microgrid market.

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