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Redflow Europe GmbH (Munich, Germany), provider of energy storage flow batteries, has announced its entry into the European market. Redflow is the first energy storage company to enter large-scale commercial manufacturing through global giant, Flextronics, the company emphasizes.

“As we expand worldwide, we know our battery technology is ideal for applications required by the European market, such as on and off grid remote rural power, telecommunications BTS sites, utility energy, commercial applications, and renewable integration,” said Stuart Smith, Redflow CEO.

“Our cost-effective and innovative technology provides numerous benefits compared with existing storage battery technologies, such as high energy density with a small footprint, 100 percent depth of discharge usage capacity, no active cooling required, and inherently safe design.”


Inherently safe and smart design

Zinc-bromide electrolyte is water-based and therefore serves as a natural fire retardant. In addition, the intelligent battery technology self-manages, self-protects, and informs via remote monitoring, Redflow notes. The physical separation of cell stack and energy storage tank avoids any thermal runaway. In addition, no thermal airflow gaps are required. System integrators profit from easy implementation without any battery safety abuse testing, airflow testing, or safety encasing.


Multi-hour usage capacity and robust technology

Redflow’s energy storage devices are suited for multi-hour use such as time of day energy shifting for use during peak time periods. Thus, they resolve the intermittency inherent to renewable energy.

According to Redflow, the high temperature tolerance allows up to 50 degrees Celsius. With no active cooling required, the flow batteries are suited to tough conditions. Redflow’s flow battery has 100 percent depth of discharge, which is ideal for unstable grids and renewable energy sources.

“This characteristic prevents battery damage from power outages, unlike traditional battery technologies. The flow battery has an indefinite shelf life fully discharged with no maintenance required. In addition, no trickle charge is necessary when deployed or stored. Redflow also guarantees the energy throughput of its products,” reads the press release.

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