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Innolith is dedicated to overcoming the challenges of the new energy markets. As fossil fuel generation declines, the world must adapt to new energy architecture created by innovation in both supply and demand. The increase in renewable energy and its unpredictability put a severe strain on the grid. The predicted mass adoption of electric vehicles promises to test the grid’s robustness like never before.

Innolith is researching the chemistry and battery manufacturing that will counter the destabilization of the grid caused by new energy innovation. It seeks to create a resilient distributed energy architecture that can withstand both input and output perturbations.

Since energy defines nations, and electrical energy, more than any other, powers economic growth, this is perhaps one of the most important and compelling challenges in the world today.

With over a decade of deep R&D, proven deployment of systems in the field and strong financial backing, Innolith is in the vanguard to deliver this innovation in energy.


Innolith is creating a new generation of batteries to stabilize electrical grids through energy storage. The battery technology is highly innovative and already proven in field operations as a breakthrough for supporting the world’s growing demand for electrical energy.

Innolith conducts research and development in the field of novel and highly efficient battery storage systems. We cover a broad spectrum, ranging from basic research to the development of new batteries and competencies in electrochemical and material science research to the development of new battery types, including the scaling of manufacturing processes. In addition, Innolith operates a large test area with over 1500 test channels for cell testing.


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