Electric Mobility, the next frontier!

Electric Mobility, the next frontier!

Be the pioneer of the electric mobility movement.
The EV Adopter Circle (EVAC) is an initiative by IESA that aims to promote and accelerate
sustainable urban and rural transportation. The EVAC members achieve this by:
  • Pledging to move away from fossil-fuel based transportation
  • Accelerating adoption of xEVs in public and private sector transportation
  • Helping corporates transition towards xEV fleet and setting up EV charging infrastructure for their employees, customer, goods carrier & goods delivery & others
  • Working closely with all industry stakeholders in the ecosystem to decarbonize transportation



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Basic Membership Plan

Get featured as a leader and implementer of sustainable transportation initiative

Participation in knowledge sharing & networking session with peer group

Subscription to IESA-MOVE newsletter

20% discount for attending other IESA events


Additional Premium Membership

Help in decision making by monitoring and analysis, of driving routes & patterns

Recommendations and suggestions with best use case

CES consulting services for planning & formulating EV adoption roadmap

Benefit from IESA partnerships with stakeholders

50% discounts for attending other IESA events

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