MIGHT (Mobility and Infrastructure with Green Hydrogen Technology)

Initiatives By IESA

MIGHT (Mobility and Infrastructure with Green Hydrogen Technology)

MIGHT initiative is designed to explore opportunities for India to tap into the potential of Green Hydrogen technologies for accelerating the green energy and clean transportation adoption. We will also focus on the applications of hydrogen for industrial and agricultural applications beyond electricity generation. IESA will work to identify and removal of any barriers as well as work on building an innovation ecosystem for green hydrogen technologies.

  1. Production: Production of green hydrogen using electrolyzers (PEM based, AFC based and SOEC) powered by renewable energy
  2. Storage: Next generation technologies for compact, safe and cost effective storage of hydrogen
  3. Stationary Power Generation: Distributed power generation using fuel cell technologies (SOFC, PEMFC, AFC, PAFC and MCFC) for industrial and domestic applications
  4. Mobility: Hydrogen generation and distribution infrastructure for enabling PEMFC based transportation (land based – commercial and heavy duty vehicles, marine and aviation)
  5. Industrial Hydrogen Uses: Green hydrogen generation for addressing all industrial requirements (fertilizer production, food processing, steel & cement manufacturing, chemicals industry etc.)
  • Organized an Webinar on Hydrogen & Fuel cell technologies & Opportunities for India on 7th May 2020. In this webinar, experts discussed about hydrogen and Fuel cell-based generation for vehicle and stationary applications. Speakers from Niti Aayog, Hydrogen in Motion, Indian Oil Corporation, TATA Sons and NTPC participated in the webinar.
  • Organized a workshop on Hydrogen Economy and India – Nordic Collaboration (Supported By Innovation Norway and Business Finland) at India Energy Storage Week, 2 Nov 2020 and a session on Technological Readiness of Hydrogen Storage for Stationary and EV Applications on 6 Nov 2020.