IESA is working to launch incubators focused on developing next generation storage, EV and microgrid technologies. IESA also organizes start up competition for new companies and facilitates the discussion between potential investors & member companies.

Thought: Innovation is an essential ingredient of any knowledge based vibrant economy. IESA has been very active in looking into this space for such disruptive technologies which may challenge the mainstream technologies of today. As such from time to time IESA has taken initiates on various fronts of the technology domain to nurture the same.

Focus Areas:

Microgrids, New Energy and Sustainability, Smart Grids and Energy Storage.


  • To inculcate entrepreneurship and creation of enterprises on knowledge-based innovation specially focused on Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental sustainability
  • To catalyse growth of smart grid, micro grid and energy storage technologies driven enterprises
  • To link potential incubators with knowledge strength, scientific guidance and resources and provide them immense business, networking and commercial opportunities.



As an Organization we provide the below services to incubates:

  1. Technology development assistance
  2. Entrepreneurial development
  3. Mentoring
  4. Training
  5. Workshops, Innovation and Start-Up
  6. Seminars
  7. Counselling
  8. Start-up Funnel by CES (Attract, Evaluate, Nurture and Graduate Ideas)
  9. Legal
  10. IT
  11. Finance & Accounts
  12. Marketing Strategy
  13. Business plan and pitch pack preparation
  14. Promotional assistance
  15. Business networking
  16. Linking up with investors for funding for start-ups