Working on performance & safety aspects of energy storage. IESA is a part of the BIS standards committee (ETD-52) and provide inputs on new standards for Li-Ion cell, BMS, ESS systems and charging infrastructure.

Standardization is a strategic business issue with a direct impact on new product development and existing product propagation. Leadership in standards and leadership in technology must go hand in hand.

Thus, it is necessary that we have an International Standards Framework for Energy storage as it is an ever-growing aspect of the Energy world.

With the same thought process IESA and UL signed a MoU to create an Energy Storage Standards Taskforce. The key areas of work include:

The key areas of mutual working are:

  1. Educating IESA members on standards development process
  2. Standards gap analysis in the identified areas of interest
  3. Standards training
  4. Formation of standards cell and UL to act as a secretariat for standards development
  5. UL standards development tool–CSDS deployment for standard development
  6. Access to relevant UL Standards

IESA also joined EES Sectional Committee by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

The scope of the committee includes standardization in the field of grid integrated Electrical Energy Storage Systems in India.

The Sectional Committee will be focusing on the following:

  1. Standardization in the field of grid integrated Electrical Energy Storage Systems.
  2. EES to include any type of grid-connected energy storages, which can both store electrical energy from a grid or any other source and provide electrical energy to a grid.