EV India Summit 2018

About the Event

Electric Vehicles will constitute 40 per cent for overall new car sales by 2030. The government’s  objective of the National E-Mobility Programme is to boost the entire e-mobility ecosystem including vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure companies, fleet operators and service providers. But there are lot of challenges to implement the electric vehicles and India is not fully ready for this venture.

The EV India Summit 2018 with the support from NITI Aayog, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) and ARAI will be held on 18th – 19th June 2018 in New Delhi, India.  The event is also supported by EESL, ISEA, SMEV. The event will gather policymakers from national and local authorities from India, representatives from the Indian and International EV industry, relevant research communities and provide them the platform for networking. You will also get updates on how Indian EV industry, research communities, policymakers, and citizens together can create a sustainable mobility sector. An interactive platform helps connects the industry professionals across the globe and builds a network.

EV Summit 2018 will create a networking platform to exchange ideas and best practices with your peers and it represents the voice of the professionals associated with it. Our distinguished speakers address the important topics which are very informative from a technical point of view. 2-days of brainstorming discussions with the biggest and the best industry experts in the world – With panel discussions, keynote theatres, professional training – EV Summit is a must attend to all practitioners in the automobile industry. We create a space for you to socialize in this platform.

The event will see the participants from Automobile/ EV Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers, Electric Charging Infrastructure, Electric Two Wheeler & Three Wheeler Companies, Electric & CNG Driven vehicles, E-Rickshaws, Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Companies, Alternate Energy Driven Vehicles, Utilities and Energy Companies, Auto Component manufacturers, Technology Companies and Software Companies (Contributing to Electric and Connected Vehicles), Automotive Testing and R&D Companies, Power producers, transmission, and distribution companies.

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