World Hydrogen Forum

The World Hydrogen Forum is the premier exhibition and conference dedicated to propelling the shift towards a hydrogen-based economy within Saudi Arabia.

The gathering serves as a pivotal platform for governmental figures and private sector leaders to connect, exchange expertise, and establish partnerships crucial for advancing the hydrogen sector's growth. Attendees will delve into cutting-edge hydrogen technology advancements, tackle industry challenges, uncover lucrative business prospects, and glean priceless insights from renowned experts. Hosted at the Dhahran Expo, situated in Saudi Arabia, a nation strategically positioned on the global stage with immense potential in the hydrogen industry.

The World Hydrogen Forum promises unparalleled opportunities for progress and collaboration. Be part of the driving force shaping a cleaner and greener future.

The show will also host a state-of-the-art exhibition allowing companies to showcase the latest products, services, and innovations in the hydrogen sector. The exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to network with industry leaders, explore new business opportunities, and gain exposure to the latest hydrogen technologies and solutions.

The conference at World Hydrogen Forum will feature renowned speakers and industry experts who will discuss the latest advancements in hydrogen technology, address the current challenges and opportunities, and share their visions for the future of the industry. The conference will also provide attendees with valuable insights into policy and regulatory frameworks, investment opportunities, and potential collaborations.

In addition, the show will provide an impeccable networking opportunity featuring a series of interactive panel sessions, 1-2-1 business meetings and other engaging programmes, giving attendees the opportunity to network with key stakeholders from across the value chain and forge valuable business connections.

The World Hydrogen Forum is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the brightest minds in the hydrogen sector to network, share knowledge, and forge partnerships that can help drive the growth of the industry. The conference and exhibition components of the event provide attendees with valuable insights into the latest advancements, policy and regulatory frameworks, investment opportunities, and potential collaborations.

By attending the World Hydrogen Forum, you will be a part of building a cleaner and greener future for all across Saudi Arabia and the entire region.

Tue, May 21 2024 10:30 AM - Wed, May 22 2024 06:30 PM
Dhahran Expo, Dammam Saudi Arabia