Webinar on Energy Management solutions for Renewable, Energy Storage & Distributed Generations

Energy management solutions are becoming an essential platform with various energy mixes in the energy ecosystem. The emergence of renewable sources (wind, solar, pumped hydro) and multiple conventional sources of energy (thermal, oil and gas) making the generation management difficult over time. Inherent nature of renewable makes it’s difficult for forecasting and also it required an well-developed monitoring system for the generation management. With the integration of energy storage systems, the evolution of the smart grid and virtual power plant concepts are making utilities are more complex. In the electricity ecosystem, the deregulation of the market enables multiple players as part of generation, transmission and distribution value chain. With various load profiles from new-age industries, commercial establishments, and critical infrastructure are becoming more demanding on power reliability and quality. In this diverse scenario, energy managers rely on developed EMS platforms to manage Demand – Response, VPP, Vehicle to grid (V2G) integration, distributed energy sources, Grid stability, grid frequency management, microgrids, and energy storage assets. In this webinar, global experts will share their experience and available energy management solutions for the future electricity network.

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Thu, Jun 11 2020 02:30 PM - 4:30 pm
Pune, Maharashtra, India

₹ 3500

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