Virtual Launch of US-India Energy Storage Taskforce (ESTF)

We are happy to announce the official launch (virtual) of the US-India Energy Storage Taskforce (ESTF) on the 13th of December 2023. The task force is jointly chaired by the CEA, Ministry of Power, and US Department of Energy (DoE) and IESA will be working as the secretariat. We are inviting you to attend the virtual launch event.

The ESTF will work to advance the goals of the U.S.-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP), including to develop and deploy emerging clean energy technologies to decarbonize the energy sector. The ESTF’s objective is to facilitate an ongoing and meaningful dialogue among U.S. and Indian government officials, industry representatives, and other stakeholders to scale up and accelerate the deployment of Energy Storage technologies. There will be 6 working groups including technology, market design, business models and projects, manufacturing & supply chain, R&D and skill development, finance and Safety, and code & standards.

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More details and updates about the Energy Storage Task Force can be found here:

We have also undertaken a monthly webinar series jointly between IESA and US-DoE since last 6 months on every 3rd Thursday of the month. Past recordings of these webinars can be found here-  

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Wed, Dec 13 2023 07:30 PM - 9:00 pm