Stationary Energy Storage in India (SESI) Conference

The government of India has come up with an ambitious plan to deliver 450 GW of renewables by 2030, committing to generate 40% power from clean energy sources by 2032. India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has estimated the stationary energy storage market potential in India to be around 300 GWh for the next 7 years. It includes both grid-scale applications like Renewable integrations, energy storage at transmission and distribution level, ancillary services and behind-the-meter applications including diesel usage optimisation, telecom infra, railways, data center and residential and commercial back up. CEA also projects a requirement of 136 GWh of storage in the grid at various levels by 2030. The Ministry of Power (MoP), Govt of India is working on a comprehensive energy storage policy. Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), NTPC also announce multi-GWh level projects in India. Leading states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala already floated or verge of releasing a tender for storage projects. Various state utilities are also in plan for energy storage demonstration projects at substation and grid level. There are more than 50+ global and Indian players actively working in stationary energy storage space in India.
IESA has been continuously working to develop and support the stationary energy storage market in India. We at IESA also working to develop a vision document for setting storage targets in India to highlight the policy and regulatory efforts required to bring out the necessary momentum in Energy Storage deployment in India and its States. With this intent, we are delighted to announce the Stationary Energy Storage in India (SESI) Conference on 24 March 2022 focused on the roadmap and outlook for stationary energy storage. This is a unique platform to interact, network and learns about market landscape, government policies, new projects & tender updates, Insights from national and international storage projects, current and future technology outlook for stationary storage. We encourage technology providers, energy storage project developers, mechanical storage providers, battery manufacturers, power electronics providers, utilities, government officials to join this annual conference.

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Thu, Mar 24 2022 09:48 AM - 6:00 pm

₹ 12000