Opportunities and options in the field of energy storage and EV sector for students

India is poised to become one of the largest electric mobility market in the world.  The government’s push for the segment in order to curb pollution and reduce reliance on import-dependent fossil fuels. Although, we are still in the infancy of adoption of EVs, with the changes in the technology landscape as well as the clear vision set by the Indian government. Similarly with higher penetration of renewable energy and grid modernisation, energy storage is becoming the integral part of grid balancing and renewable integration. These developments including policy measures and efforts by public and private entities have resulted in higher penetration of renewables in the grid over time resulting an increase in the variability of grid. All these above factors have given impetus for the growth and deployment of stationary energy storage in India. Other applications of energy storage include residential and C&I back up, telecom infrastructure, data centre, micro grids and emerging applications like medical devices, UAVs, Drones, wearable electronics and others. Many global R&D centres, Indian national labs and COEs are working on advanced energy storage technologies, raw material and components.
As the growth is expected in EV, renewable energy, and energy storage industries, new types of jobs in manufacturing, research labs and market research would also be created. This webinar will describe some of the most common career options for students in these industries along with the credentials needed for the occupation, including education, training or certification. Globally, including India, chemists and materials scientists in these industries search for new knowledge and conduct research on improving battery life and recharging time and develop new materials for use in electric vehicles. Many times, students find difficulties to gather information about the various research opportunities available in different institutions and research labs. The webinar will try to close these knowledge gaps and will talk about the research options and prominent research centers, scholarships, job opportunities etc. in the field of energy storage and EV sectors.
Mon, Apr 20 2020 11:00 AM - 12:30 pm
Pune, Maharashtra, India