India Battery Manufacturing & Supply Chain Summit

Join the launch of India Battery Supply Chain Council (IBSCC) at this summit!

In a latest development on the National Programme on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage notified earlier, the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to invite bidders for setting up greenfield manufacturing facilities under the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme to promote ACC manufacturing in the country. The PLI scheme envisages setting up a cumulative manufacturing capacity of 50 GWh for ACCs and an additional cumulative capacity of 5 GWh for niche ACC technologies.

The programme offers fiscal benefits in the form of cash subsidies to selected bidders, who commit to setting up an ACC manufacturing facility of a minimum 5 GWh capacity. Also, these projects must witness a minimum value-addition of 25 percent within 2 years and 60 percent within 5 years from the appointed date, either at the mother unit level in case of an integrated unit or at the project level through indigenous manufacturers, in a hub and spoke structure.

Beyond this program, IESA expects 100 GWh manufacturing facility by 2030 and 500 GWh of manufacturing capacity by 2035. To support this ambitious manufacturing plan, this is the critical time to strengthen the energy storage supply chain. The supply chain adds economic and strategic advantage due to the importance of the raw materials that are limited and refined in a few locations globally. With opportunities across the value chain for mining, refining, processing, recycling, component and equipment supply, it creates an opportunity for new entrants and conglomerates to expand and persify and global companies to setup plants in India.

To make India as a global hub for manufacturing, IESA is launching its new initiative the India Battery Supply Chain Council (IBSCC) to create a common platform for all relevant stakeholders to work on common agenda, policy advocacy and business growth.

Thrust Areas of India Battery Supply Chain Council (IBSCC):

  • To emphasize exploration on energy storage raw materials in India
  • To encourage refining and chemical processing of materials in India
  • To develop equipment, machinery and components supply ecosystem in India
  • To promote research & development on new materials for energy storage through national labs and corporate organizations
  • To create appropriate policy framework at state and central level
  • Also to make India as a global export hub processed battery grade materials to other countries
  • To promote skill development and capacity building activities into his domain

Who should join ?

  • Technology Providers, Potential Advanced Battery Manufacturers
  • Raw material, mining, refining and Chemical processing companies
  • Recycling, urban mining companies
  • Equipment and component companies
  • R& D institutions
  • Policy makers and regulatory authorities

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IESA Members:  For IESA Members, the passes are complimentary based on membership until Nov 30,2021 .
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Thu, Dec 09 2021 10:00 AM - 6:00 pm


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