IESA open webinar on role & readiness of Electricity Utilities during COVID-19 effect

Electricity Utilities are beginning to see the load impact of COVID-19 as economic shutdown widens. India’s peak electricity demand has come down, with commercial (hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, movie complexes, MNCs) and industrial power demand taking a hit after many factories shut down due to the nationwide lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak.

The three-week nationwide lockdown is set to worsen the precarious finances of power distribution companies (discoms), as electricity demand load has shifted to homes during the lockdown, resulting in lower realizations. Domestic electricity connections account for a quarter of India’s power demand and contribute towards a bulk of India’s average aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses of 21.4%. Also, the gap between the cost of electricity bought (average cost of supply) and supplied (average revenue realized) for discoms is still substantial in most states. Covid-19 will have a debilitating impact on electricity utilities with domestic consumption (constituting 25%) expected to increase in the mix at the cost of commercial and industrial consumption resulting in enhanced T&D (transmission and distribution) losses and financial losses, given the subsidized nature of domestic tariffs.

Against the backdrop of national lockdown, the peak electricity demand dropped to about 127.96 gigawatts (GW) on 25 March from about 163.73GW on 20 March. India’s peak demand in FY19 was 168.74GW and touched a record high of 176.72GW in April last year. India has an installed power-generation capacity of 368.69GW. When it comes to Utilities, it is likely that they are prepared to deal with a crisis considering they are providers of critical infrastructure. Having said so, they should prepare the industry for unforeseen hazards or health emergencies. In order to ensure business continuity, these services have to ensure an uninterrupted and dependable supply of electricity.

Join us for an important webinar which will discuss the role and readiness of electricity.

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Thu, Apr 02 2020 11:30 AM - 1:00 pm
Pune, Maharashtra, India