i4C– IESA Energy Hackathon

As the world confronts the challenges of climate change and the increasing energy demand, Inter-Institutional Inclusive Innovations Center (i4C) and India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) jointly announce Energy Hackathon 2024. This hackathon offers a platform to showcase innovative solutions leveraging emerging technologies in the transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. These technologies can help revolutionize how we produce, distribute, and utilize clean energy, by unlocking countless possibilities in the energy sector.

i4C-IESA will share five Problem Statements and call for solutions. Filtered entries will get a chance to showcase detailed solutions at the Grand Finale in New Delhi. 

Who can apply

Students pursuing 2nd and 3rd year graduation

(Max. four participants per team)


    • 10th May: Announcement of PS
    • 20th May: Start of Registration
    • 20th July: End of Registration
    • 1st August: Announcement of Finalists
    • 14th-15th September: Grand Finale
    • 22nd September (World Energy Storage Day): Winner Announcement, Prize n Awards

Problem Statements:

Sr. No.


Problem Statement



Develop a tool for determining whether addition of battery/ electrical storage of certain capacity will reduce electricity expenses of customers by analysing their load pattern, unit energy costs, peak consumption costs, demand charges & power outages.


Mini grids

Develop a tool for determining (a) Under-utilization or Over -utilization/ Under capacity of a solar cum battery power plant (b) Time to trigger freshening/ balancing charge for improving Battery health/ storage capacity. The tool will utilize following data (i) Solar plant capacity (ii) Battery capacity (iii) Solar plant output (iv) Battery input & output voltage & current


Green Hydrogen

Develop a decision support tool for optimizing RE + storage for cost effective Green H2 production using electrolysers. Identify availability of grid power or renewable power and take in account distribution factors.



Electric/ Hybrid vehicles have higher capital cost but offer substantially lower operating and maintenance costs. Users need a support tool to compare their annualized costs for using ICE engine vehicles Vs Hybrid electric vehicles or battery EVs to make an informed decision about switching to x-EV.


EV Charging Infra

Develop algorithm for identification of hotspots for EV charging infrastructure based on the movement of Electric vehicles, type, size and number of EV chargers.


EV Battery

Most of the huge fleet of E-rickshaws use lead acid batteries. Develop an algorithm to check (a) the battery state of charge, (b) balance mileage available (c) time to go for recharge

For queries: Write to us at [email protected], [email protected]

Sat, Sep 14 2024 10:00 AM - Sun, Sep 15 2024 06:00 PM
New Delhi, Delhi, India

₹ 1200