Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicles

Humankind has relied on fossil fuels for several decades to power their vehicles. The fossil fuel reserves are now depleting, their prices rising, and their extensive use is causing alarming pollution. With the advent of technology, we now witness eventual shift to electrification in the automobile industry. The fossil-powered, IC engine technology is gradually taking a back seat.

Once a far-fetched and futuristic concept, e-mobility has now come into reality. Consumers have shown a high degree of enthusiasm and acceptance to purchase electric vehicles (EVs). The big manufacturing countries are pushing themselves to produce more and more EVs to meet the demand.

According to a survey by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian EV market valued at USD 1,434 billion in 2021 is expected to reach USD 15,400 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 47%. To aptly aid the exponential growth of this industry, it needs appropriately skilled manpower in EV technology space.

Battery is the heart of an EV. Therefore, to cater to skilling requirement, IESA academy, in association with ARAI academy, announces a 3-day training program on Electric Vehicle Batteries and Energy Storage Systems.

This Program is Good for Those Who Are:
  • Working in the electric vehicle battery technology
  • Working on battery materials
  • Engineers/ Managers/ Technicians/ Start-ups/ Consultants
  • Teaching professionals
  • Engineering students

Program Objectives:

  • To provide special focus on understanding Lithium-ion battery technology, manufacturing, supply chain, and market
  • To understand other existing and upcoming EV battery technologies such as Sodium-ion, Hydrogen fuel cell, Solid state, Aluminium-air batteries and Ultracapacitors
  • To know about EV battery fires and safety
  • To understand what is V2G: vehicle to grid

Program Schedule:

  • Day 1: 18th May’22
    • Welcome and keynote
    • Lithium-ion Battery: The Technology
    • Lithium-ion Battery: Manufacturing, and Supply Chain
    • Lithium-ion Battery: EV Market Analysis
  • Day 2: 19th May’22
    • Sodium-ion Battery: Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Market
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Battery: Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Market
    • Solid State Battery: Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Market
  • Day 3: 20th May’22
    • Aluminium-air Batteries
    • Ultracapacitors
    • EV Battery Fires and Safety
    • V2G: EV to Grid


  • Engineers, Professionals, Teaching faculty: INR 7,000/-
  • Engineers, Professionals, Teaching faculty with group discounts (5 or more from same organization) 10% discount: INR 6,300/-
  • Engineering college students 25% discount: INR 5,250/-
  • IESA members 50% discount: INR 3,500/-
  • ARAI academy students 50% discount: INR 3,500/-
  • ARAI alumni 10% discount: INR 6,300/-

Contact Information:

Wed, May 18 2022 09:30 AM - Fri, May 20 2022 04:00 PM