Advanced Battery Technology: Beyond Lithium-ion

Program Overview:

As quoted by Grandview Research, the global Lithium-ion battery market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.0% from 2020 to 2027. This growing demand is attributed to increased adoption of Lithium-ion batteries in grid-scale and electric vehicle applications. This is primarily due to its high energy density and lightweight nature.

The coming decade will also witness the rise in battery technology beyond Lithium-ion such as Solid-State batteries, Sodium-based batteries, Metal-air batteries, and so on.

Electrochemical energy storage systems and technologies are in continuous development owing to the worldwide demand to overcome the current energy issues and satisfy the daily needs in which rechargeable batteries play a key role.

With abundant Sodium availability, Sodium-ion batteries might be an excellent alternative to Lithium-based batteries. Many global start-ups are also working on aluminum-based batteries for electric vehicle applications. Ultra-capacitor with Lead-acid or Lithium-ion battery as a hybrid solution will also be feasible for many applications. As critical as batteries are to the cause of green energy, battery technology must be cost-effective to succeed.

To discuss these options in detail, IESA in collaboration with SAEISS, is organizing an online training program on ‘Advanced Battery Technology: Beyond Lithium-ion’. 

This Program is Good for Those Who Are:

  • Working on Battery Materials
  • Working in the area of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology
  • Engineers / Managers / Technicians / Start-ups / Consultants
  • Teaching Professionals & Engineering Students

Program Objectives:

  • Discuss the need of alternative and advanced battery technologies
  • Learn the following rechargeable battery technologies along with their advantages and disadvantages, safety requirements and applications
    • Li-Sulphur Batteries
    • Solid State Batteries
    • Metal-air Batteries
    • Sodium-ion Batteries
    • Advanced Lead Acid Batteries
    • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology
    • Niobium Technology
  • Understand ultracapacitors
  • Get an overview of current market and way forward

Program Schedule:

  • Day 1 (11th April): -
    • Welcome and Keynote
    • Introduction to the Alternate Battery Technologies for EVs      
    • Li-Sulphur Batteries
  • Day 2 (12th April): -
    • Solid State Batteries
    • Metal-air Batteries
  • Day 3 (13th April): -
    • Sodium-ion Batteries
    • Advanced Lead Acid Batteries
  • Day 4 (14th April): -
    • Fuel Cell
    • Hydrogen Technology
  • Day 5 (15th April): -
    • Niobium Technology
    • Ultracapacitors
    • Way Forward
  • Professional Members:
    • SAEINDIA Member:  Rs. 3,600 + 18% GST
    • IESA Member: Rs. 3,600 + 18% GST
    • Non-SAEINDIA and Non-IESA Member: Rs. 5,000 + 18% GST
  • Faculty Members: Rs. 2,000 +18% GST
  • Students Members: Rs.500 (Inc of GST)

Contact Information: 
[email protected]

Registration Link:

Click here to register.

Mon, Apr 11 2022 04:30 PM - Fri, Apr 15 2022 06:30 PM

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