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We design and install turnkey bi-oriented plastic film production lines. We deliver commodity packaging film lines (BOPP, BOPET, BOPA) using sequential and simultaneous stretching technologies, We are also leading the way in the engineering of highly innovative stretching lines for a wide range of specialty films (PI, PVF, PTFE, optical films and battery separators film both in wet and dry process). What we deliver however is Beyond Standards. Along with flexibility in equipment design and a customer-oriented approach to project management, we challenge our competitors to offer the same standard of tailored solutions for our client’s market needs. We focus on both sequential and simultaneous stretching lines featuring the most advanced technical designs. Our specialty is to produce specific production lines for very high-tech film with a wide range of applications from food packaging to solar energy, and from flexible smartphone screen to the battery separator film in electric cars. We work with cutting-edge technologies which are constantly being renewed thanks to our integrated R&D center, pushing the development of tomorrow’s films and take the industry as a whole. Based in Chambery, France, ESOPP is a one-of-a-kind family business driven by energy, commitment and passion. By following a strict manufacturing protocol, we are able to produce top-quality, versatile, cost-effective production lines that are easy to maintain.


Innovation, Energy saving, Tailor-made design , Flexible process, Sequential stretching, Simultaneous stretching, Biax, Turnkey, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPI, Optical film, Battery separators film, Packaging film, Plastic film, BOPLA, BOPETG, BOPTFE, Food packaging, and Circular economy


Machinery Manufacturing

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